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Havana Syndrome: Russian agents fired microwave weapons at…

Havana Syndrome: Russian agents fired microwave weapons at…

The attacks on American diplomats and spies, known as the Havana Syndrome, may have been carried out by Russian military intelligence agents. This is what research by Spiegel, The Insider, and 60 Minutes suggests.

Severe headache, dizziness and nausea, all out of nowhere. These are symptoms of Havana Syndrome that have been recurring among American diplomats and agents for years. The causes of the disease were not known. The syndrome was first officially reported in 2016 by a CIA agent stationed in Havana. Hence the name. And then there were other cases in China and Vienna.

Research conducted by “Spiegel”The Russian investigative portal “The Insider” and the American television magazine “60 Minutes” show that the first cases were said to have occurred in Frankfurt in 2014. And not only that.

Is the GRU behind it?

The research team suspects that the Russian military intelligence service, the GRU, may be behind the attacks. More specifically, the GRU is said to have attacked 29,155 US agents and diplomats with electromagnetic or sonic weapons. The media analyzed a number of incidents and discovered that in many cases Russian agents from GRU Unit 29155 were at the scene, travel and telephone data show.

The US government has so far ignored the existence of Havana Syndrome or attributed it to previous illnesses of those afflicted with it. (red)

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