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He lives in luxury in the United States

He lives in luxury in the United States

Michael Wendler owes one million euros to the tax office in Germany. Nevertheless, the pop star lives in full swing in her foster home, the United States.

Summarize the essentials

  • Pop star Michael Wendler lives very luxuriously in the United States.
  • This is shown by the leaked documents on the website
  • Exciting: Wendler still owes one million euros in Germany.

Michael Wendler, 49, is in the tax office in Germany with a million Euro Debtor. But that doesn’t stop the pop star from being in his foster home, the United States Live and drink in luxury. This is clear from his private bank statements and credit card statements from that year.

These documents of the American bank Morgan Chase were leaked by strangers and reported on “Built” Website-Page published.

The documents provide a definitive insight Ventler’s secret cash flow. So he had Musician For example, in the accounting period from August 19 to September 20, there were two returns: one for 100,000 and one for 30,000 Dollar.

According to “Built”, he transferred this from his corporate account to his personal account. According to the report, this is the suspension line from the TV station “VOX”.

Excitement: Wendler spent almost the entire amount at once. In some cases he transferred large sums of money to unknown recipients. The balance of the August ($ 4981) and September (4936) accounts was almost identical.

Michael Wendler wants to buy from luxury retailers

According to published excerpts, a small amount dominates the credit card bill this year. In between, however, luxury retailers will always have large sums.

Do you follow the life of Michael Wendler?

At luxury jewelry store Tiffany & Co, the singer has delivered a total of 36,000 on 13 shopping trips since January Dollar Absolutely. In Louis Vuitton, Wendler left 4,761 alone in July Dollar Lie.

In March, the Christian Louboutin luxury label for 2129 Dollar Purchased. At The Secret of Victoria Michael Wendler gave almost 500 in September Dollar Absolutely.

Many of these are possible to purchase Gifts For His wife Laura (21) Would have been. On top of that InstagramInfluential channel, she always wants to show herself with expensive clothes and jewelry.

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