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He published the first audio recording of the Martian flight «

He published the first audio recording of the Martian flight «

The US space agency NASA released the first audio recording of the Martian helicopter flight, “Creativity”. However, you cannot hear the helicopter sound very well.

14.42, May 08, 2021


NASA has one Published the first audio recording of the Mars helicopter flight “Creativity”. NASA announced that the “persistent” rover, in which the small helicopter landed on Mars in February, recorded sounds with one of its microphones on its fourth “creativity” flight at the end of April. It is the first audio recording of a spacecraft on another planet of another spacecraft.

However, the helicopter’s sound could not be heard well, with “persistence” recorded from about 80 meters away, and the thin atmosphere of Mars and winds suppressing and drowning aircraft noise. Scientist David Maimon said even the little that could be heard was “a very good surprise” and “a goldmine for a further understanding of the Martian atmosphere.”

The fifth flight was also successful

After its fifth flight, the Mars “Ingenity” helicopter landed on planet Earth about 130 meters south as planned. NASA said that the small helicopter reached a record height of about 10 meters during takeoff.

In the new location, “creativity” will perform new tasks over the next few weeks, such as providing aerial impressions of areas that the rover cannot penetrate, or creating three-dimensional images from heights in the atmosphere. These results are useful for future exploration of Mars and other space objects from the atmosphere.

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Look for traces of microbial

“Perseverance” (German: Stamina) has already sent audio recordings of his landing, his laser test and a flight over Mars to Earth. The rover – and the helicopter “Innovation” (in German for example: ingenuity) was destroyed by a risky maneuver in a dry Martian lake called “Jezero Crater” at the end of February – after 203 days of flight and 472 million kilometers.

It took eight years to develop and build the rover, which is worth about $ 2.5 billion (about 2.2 billion euros). He is supposed to research traces of past microbial life on Mars and research the climate and geology of the planet.

Creativity took off for the first time on April 19, becoming the first plane to fly on another planet. The helicopter took off three more times since then. His mission, which was originally scheduled to last about 30 days, was extended by about 30 days.