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He wanted the “Martians”!  Live like you're on Mars for a year

He wanted the “Martians”! Live like you're on Mars for a year

Traveling to space and living on other planets: many people dream of this. A small number of volunteers will soon be able to experience what life would be like on Mars, for example. Because the US space agency – NASA Looking for people who want to participate in a big test.

However, the test should not be in space; Talk on the floor. That's what it's called simulation. This means that The situation on Mars is recreated as closely as possible. The goal of this simulation is to find out what it would be like if people lived on Mars. This is how you can find out What you are already well prepared for and where there could be difficulties.

Red planet

Mars is Earth's outer neighbor in our solar system. This also means that it orbits the Sun, but is slightly farther away from it than Earth. Mars is second only to Mercury The second smallest planet in the solar system.

This is roughly what Mars looks like

Because of its often rusty red surface as well “red planet” Named. The color comes from the rusty red rocks that make up the surface of this celestial body. Mars is the second most explored planet after Earth.

How to become a Martian

But you can't just participate in the upcoming simulation. You have to apply and Meet some requirementsTo become a “Martian”. For example, you have to do this His age must be between 30 and 55 years. You must have completed your studies and be able to fly aircraft. It is also important to be fit and healthy.

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four people The people allowed to participate in the simulation are then selected. This simulation lasts for an entire year. Things can get very cramped: the space these people live in for a year is only the size of two football fields.

Journey to Mars

You also want to know how people cope with having so little space and so few other people around them. Because if people flew to Mars, it would be similar. Not only can you walk around there, but you will probably have to spend most of your time in the same area. With the same people.

All this is aimed at preparing for a possible trip to Mars. The United States wants it It will send humans on their way to the planet for the first time in about 15 years. Other countries are already planning flights to Mars.