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Health: A new book by Walter Ondrich: Parkinson’s welcomes you every day

Health: A new book by Walter Ondrich: Parkinson’s welcomes you every day

Walter Ondrich’s first book on Parkinson’s disease is a bestseller. Now Leubner has written another book about Parkinson’s disease called Parkinson’s Welcomes You Every Day.

Leoben. “Write widelyr”: This request from many readers of his first book “With 66 years of Parkinson’s disease” is Lyubiner Walter Ondrich Comply. “Parkinson says hello every day – it works if you go!” That’s the title of his new book. With attitude to life “Laughter is the best medicine” The author writes about daily life with shaking disease.

Pills, exercise, and humor

Three recipes, which seem simple at first glance, help you accept the disease and live with it: with one A handful of cereal, Lots of movement And something kidding Going through daily life with Parkinson’s disease.
Everything about having a hand full of discs and keeping them moving turns into delightful considerations Enjoyable reading.

“The topics aim to provide confidence and motivation to combat the effects of Parkinson’s disease on a daily and comprehensive basis.”
Walter Ondrichauthor

Physical and mental exercise

With pictorial objectivity and a realistic outlook, this book is A guide and companion to Parkinson’s Day It also stimulates To stay active. Subtitle “It works if you go!” Walter Ondrich recommends taking it literally. He himself walks an average of 8,000 steps every day. Moreover, be too Mental movement Important. “You can’t beat Parkinson’s disease, but you always can One step ahead of Parkinson’s disease “And he himself is the best example of this,” says Ondrich.

Book advice

“Parkinson welcomes you every day.”

  • In the final work, Parkinson Greets You Every Day, daily life with the disease is depicted realistically and often exaggeratedly. With the attitude to life “Humor is when you laugh anyway” and “Laughter is the best medicine”, Walter Undrich writes about everyday life with “the shivering disease”.
  • Available in bookstores or from the author: Tel. 0680/14 13 047
  • Email: [email protected]
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