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Health data app: VR Oculus glasses: Will Facebook soon integrate Apple’s health app? | newsletter

Oculus Move tracks movement and calorie consumption during exercise and other activities

In the future, Oculus data could also be available in Apple Health using HealthKit

According to Steve Moser, an icon in the Oculus app indicates the link

Oculus VR is a subsidiary of Facebook focused on developing VR/AR glasses. The latest model is the Quest 2, and the Quest and Rift S models have been sold previously. Oculus Move health app launched at the end of 2020: Oculus Move analyzes the health data of its users not only while exercising, but also while playing VR/AR games or using other apps.

Oculus Move data may also be available in Apple Health soon

Movements are tracked and calories burned, which – according to Oculus – should help users monitor their health even during (presumably) quiet activities like playing a game.

Until now, users were able to access their data on a private dashboard in the library. Now Facebook is supposed to connect the Apple Health app with Oculus Move via HealthKit. This means that Oculus data can also be recalled on Apple devices. This was reported by the information platform Bloomberg at the end of July.

The icon appears to indicate Facebook’s plans

This information may come from Steve Moser, who writes for MacRumors, and from himself iOSApplications are developed. It detected an icon in the Oculus app indicating that the link between the two health apps had been tested — so it’s not yet certain whether Apple Health will actually receive data from the Oculus Move anytime soon. Moser indirectly confirms on Twitter that he is the discoverer of the code: Editorial Team

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