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Health: Is it not permissible to eat anything before swimming?

Health: Is it not permissible to eat anything before swimming?

Whether on the beach or in the outdoor pool – a luxurious outing is part of the swimming journey for many. “But don’t go into the water when it’s full,” is often a warning. But are you really not allowed to swim if you have eaten previously?

“There is no direct link between stomach cramps and swimming,” she says. Bernd WolfarthHead of the Sports Medicine Department charity Berlin. So if you ate and then dipped in cold water, you do not need to fear any medical consequences. However, after eating a large meal, the body is subjected to a double burden: it must digest the food that was eaten while staying on the surface of the water. “Then you can of course feel tired and sluggish,” he explains Wolfarth. But just because something feels uncomfortable, it does not need to be a health hazard.

Wolfarth However, it is advised to wait a while before swimming after eating a long meal. After all, you have to feel in shape while swimming so that there are no accidents. He says, “You just have to listen to yourself.” Wolfarth. “If you feel relaxed, you can go swimming with the help of french fries.” (Dpa)

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