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Hearthstone: Announcing the new game mode Battlefield: Duos

Hearthstone: Announcing the new game mode Battlefield: Duos

Hearthstone players once again have a new game mode to discover. This is the new battlefield: the duo.

Blizzard Entertainment is bringing a fresh update to the traditional battle arena with a new game mode in Season 7 of Hearthstone. This is called Battlefield: Duos and will be available from April 16, 2024. Then you can jump into the battle with new fantasy cards and rewards.

Duo mode – as the name suggests – has the slogan “two heads are better than one”. It's a new co-op mode that you can take on with a friend. You can line up together and compete against three other teams of two players. You can share life points, pass cards to each other through the portal for one gold, and fight your opponents in tag team.

In the Battlefield main menu, the update lets you switch between Classic single-player mode and Battlefield: Duos. In the Duos menu, you can then invite a team member or queue up on your own to be assigned a random team member. Battlefield ratings will reset in Season 7 and Battlefield quests will leave the inn.

Aside from the new game mode, there are new heroes and servants. There are new heroes and cards only available in duets designed specifically for this mode's gameplay. Specifically, there are four heroes, 16 servants, and three new inn spells.

Season 7 also brings a major update to the minions in the classic single-player battle arena. 50 new servants have started, more than a dozen have returned, and there are a few new inn spells. In addition, the wild animals will be revised, dragons and machines will be updated, and more balance tweaks await.

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