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Heissenberger: New Managing Director of ARBÖ -

Heissenberger: New Managing Director of ARBÖ –

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ARBÖ President Peter Reiser introduced Martin Heisenberger as the new Director of State for ARBÖ-Burgenland on Friday. Heissenberger succeeds Gabriel Rittenbacher, who is retiring after 13 years in the position. The new director of state wants to change the location of the ARBÖ in times of changing mobility and the acquisition of new members.

The new ARBÖ Regional Director Martin Heissenberger is 33 years old and is from Pilgersdorf (Oberpullendorf district). His previous professional positions include Raiffeisenbank Burgenland, as well as the SPÖ district office in Oberpullendorf and the office of Governor Hans Peter Doskozil – who Heissenberger was already working when Doskozil was still defense minister. As an avid cyclist, Heissenberger wants to set trends in the field for the 28,000 members of the ARBÖ in Burgenland.

Roadside assistance also applies to cyclists

“Many members don’t even know that their membership also includes bike breakdown assistance. I am convinced there is still a lot to be done in this area. Other goals of course are membership growth or an active life in our local clubs,” says Heisenberger. We are also well prepared for the exponentially growing field of electric mobility. “It is very natural for us to deal with these future requirements. We serve electric cars in the same way as conventional cars,” Heissenberger said.

ORF / Andreas Herbst

Martin Heissenberger (left) was introduced as the new ARBÖ-Burgenland Country Director by ARBÖ President Peter Rezar

Rizar: “Rely on comfort”

ARBÖ President Austria and Burgenland President Peter Reiser at the Heissenberger Show reiterated his call for the federal government to cut fuel taxes. Viktor Orban has shown in Hungary that a reduction in gasoline prices can be implemented quickly. “He protects his people and this is actually in his favour. I also expect that from the Austrian Federal Government, appropriate relief will be provided here as well,” said ARBÖ President Peter Reiser.

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