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Helen Fischer: A new beginning in the United States?

Helen Fischer: A new beginning in the United States?

Of course, there is a great risk when the address of a celebrity like Helen Fischer goes public. Curious fans will soon become a small problem. For this reason, Helen may consider a fresh start in the United States. The woman who became a megastar with the success of “Breathless” nine years ago once said: “I want to do my job, I want to be on stage as an artist, and then I want to close the door and be personal.” No. In Germany they are no longer possible. She is recognized and talked about everywhere.

It is now speculated that New York City may not be the ideal place for Helen and her small family to live. Countless world stars live in the sleepless city. Helen would not attract attention there. She can work from there, tour in Germany and live as an individual on the “Big Apple”. The singer is currently exploring how she can better start her tour planned for 2023 with her young daughter. In one of those few personal moments, Helen revealed a few months ago, That fate she met Thomas. Maybe fate really holds a new center of life for Helen somewhere else … (vne)

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