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Helen Fischer and Florian Silberezen: United in Fun

Helen Fischer and Florian Silberezen were the Schlager couple par excellence until their separation in 2018. The two stars not only shared a similar flair for musical matters. Humor was also something that bonded the two artists, as evidenced early in their relationship.

Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen: a joke in the hardware store

In 2009, the “Autumn Festival of Folk Music” was an unforgettable experience for a woman from the audience in Risa. The eloquent Mr Florian Silberisen Kristel was asked on stage and watched a video with the show’s guests showing the supermarket employee at work. The clip also shows a customer that Kristel helped buy her potted plants.

A surprise guest falls from all the clouds

Kristel enjoyed watching the scenes she remembers well and sometimes comments on. When it was then revealed that the buyer was none other than Helen Fisher, who sat next to her during the clip, the quick-witted seller could no longer believe her eyes. “No! That’s impossible! I didn’t recognize her!”, Kristel admitted to the show. If she had known that, she would have left her job behind. Quite understandable reaction.

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