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Helen Fisher and Thomas Settle: This is how it all began

The two have been a couple since 2018. According to “BILD,” they are said to have become parents of a daughter over Christmas. But how did Helen Fisher and Thomas Settle find each other?

Thomas Settle: The Right Talent at the Right Time

A few years ago, Thomas Settle gave an interview to Zeit Magazine and told how he met Helen. At the time, their big arena tour was planned for 2017 and 2018. The Acrobats must also perform. The first choice fell on the duo “Atherton Twins”, but the twins did not have time. Thomas Settle reported, “(…) So he asked the show’s creative director if you could recommend someone. They said my name, checked my Instagram page and liked it.“There are now wedding plans, and an application is said to have been made in the Maldives.

Helen Fisher got along very well right away…

…because they both speak Hasan! ‘I will never forget the moment Helen and Hessian first spoke on tour. I look at her: ‘Say that again.’ Then I repeated the sentence and said, ‘How can you hiss to gossip?’ – ‘You came here.’ Open my heart.” Thomas Settle reported. But the cooperation brought them closer – in the literal sense of the word. After all, Helen took part in the exploits. But it was not only physical contact that was decisive for their feelings for each other: “Sometimes I would hold Helen with only one arm at a height of nine metres. Trust is important.”