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Helen Fisher: Appears in Memory of the Billionaire Spiral

Helen Fisher: Appears in Memory of the Billionaire Spiral

Würth employees were able to celebrate the company’s 75th anniversary with an exclusive private concert Helena Fisher (37) Be happy. The founder of the company and billionaire Reinhold Würth made the emergence of a successful star possible.

The concert was held in Gaisbach (Künzelsau), and Helene Fischer performed to an enthusiastic audience some of her greatest hits. The singer also approved Marius Muller-Westernhagen’s cult song “Sexy”. those reports”picture“.

Helen Fisher has also appeared at other special ceremonies in the past

Photos of the performance can be seen on Instagram, showing Helen Fisher from behind the scenes with host Reinhold Worth, among other things. The skinny singer wears casual jeans with a summery white jacket.

Helen Fischer has also appeared at private parties in the past, for example on the 80th birthday of construction giant Gunter Papenburg or at the 100th birthday of textile company Trigema.

It is not known exactly how much the success queen received for the performance. The only evidence: Fisher is said to have a special appearance He collected about 700,000 euros, as Trigema President Wolfgang Grupp once revealed. According to the information in the newspaper, Helen was now supposed to receive a similar amount that was negotiated two years ago.

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