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Here's what Thomas Gottschalk has to say about the "Wetten, dass..?" deal.

Here’s what Thomas Gottschalk has to say about the “Wetten, dass..?” deal.

At least two more episodes of “Wetten, dass..?” Come on with Thomas Gottschalk (71)! ZDF dropped this bombshell on Monday, as a reaction to the massive audience response during and after the November 2021 comeback show. Another version of the Saturday evening show will be produced in 2022 and 2023. Now Gottschalk himself spoke in Bild: “Fee payers must They decide what’s on public television. And they want ‘Wetten, dass..?’ “So let’s do it.”

He likes to do it once a year as an event show, Gottschalk continues. He is pleased with ZDF’s decision. The public’s approval certainly helped it come back. “I wasn’t quite sure if the old magic still worked or not,” Gottschalk says of his skepticism. But she succeeded. Gottschalk addressed the following message to “the few critics who grumbled that it was yesterday’s TV”: “It was intentional – and I can’t and don’t want to pretend I’m the man of tomorrow.”

This is how inventor Frank Elstner thinks about the news

As the show’s creator Frank Elstner (79) spoke: “I am very happy that ZDF has decided the huge success of ‘Wetten, dass..?’ Serial production will start last year. Everyone was going to experience how brilliant Gottschalk was on this show and he was in his element. He himself no longer wanted to participate in new performances: “I did it the last time and it must remain that way. I do not want to repeat myself.”