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Heroes of the Storm: After the Official Ending: Fans are reviving the MOBA for themselves

Heroes of the Storm: After the Official Ending: Fans are reviving the MOBA for themselves

MOBA Heroes of the Storm wanted to bring a lot of gunfire to heavy hitters DOTA and League of Legends. But it quickly became clear that it was not going to be a sprint to the top, so Blizzard took a typical route: the development team was cut back and work on the game was eventually halted.

Now Heroes of the Storm fans are taking matters into their own hands and breathing new life into the game. However, they do not obtain the original source code and expand it using their own servers, for example. Instead, they return to the origins of the genre.

>> MOBA Genre: LoL, HotS, DOTA Magic <

With Resurgence of the Storm, a small team is now developing a model for Starcraft II. It is very important for all participants to emphasize that their project is not just bringing Heroes of the Storm into the Starcraft II engine.

Of course, that's just the nature of things, as Resurgence of the Storm doesn't offer nearly all of the features of the original game due to the limitations of mods. But the developers promise a fully functional game and have also adapted some heroes and their skills compared to Heroes of the Storm. Thanks to the thousands of hours you've spent with the original, your system should run more evenly.

You can download Resurgence of the Storm now. The map has been in development for the past four years, and there is already a roadmap for the coming months. However, the project has increasingly evolved from a hobby into a full-time job, and so the team now needs financial support. Otherwise, the storm's return will end at the end of March 2024.

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