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Herzeler travels to America

Herzeler travels to America

Promotion coach Fabian Herzeler hasn't seen enough football since his championship with FC St. Pauli in the 2nd Bundesliga. “My goal is to experience the Copa America. That's why I'm going to America,” the 31-year-old announced on the sidelines of the championship party at the Spielbudenplatz in Anden Rock. But that's not all: Herseler also plans a trip to the French Open for tennis professionals in Paris for his summer of play in 2024.

The South American Continental Championships are held in the United States at the same time as the European Championships in Germany. H├╝rzeler has no players in the team. Planning for the Bundesliga is already “in full swing”. After the celebrations and a day “without appointments,” Herzeler wanted to “continue to work diligently.”

He appealed to fans in the neighborhood: “If we continue to be humble and modest and live our values, we can also survive in the First League.” St. Pauli will return to Bundesliga action next season after a 13-year hiatus. On Sunday, Wehen wrapped up the neighboring club championship with a win in Wiesbaden. Herseler has been the head coach at St. Paul since December 2022.

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