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High job growth in the United States since August – E24

More jobs were created in the United States last month than analysts had predicted. Future indices will rise slightly after the release.


916,000 non-agricultural jobs were created in the United States last month.

It shows the latest figures from the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics (Bureau of Labor Statistics) on Friday afternoon.

He writes that since August last year the country has not created much jobs in a month CNBC.

It is estimated that 650,000 non-farm jobs will be created in the United States last month, according to estimates. Bloomberg. By comparison, the number of new jobs created in February was 379,000.

– This is a surprisingly high number with expectations. But senior economist Nut A said it was clear that the figures would be difficult to predict at the reopening stage. Magnussen DNP

DNP senior economist Nut A. Magnusen believes the US figures are surprising and show positive growth.

Gorm Cholesterol / NDP

– It shows that strong political fundraising for housing has become a wheel. Expect strong figures as it reopens in April and relocates homes, says Magnussen.

Vacancy is declining

At the same time, unemployment in the United States is declining at 6 percent, up from 6.2 percent a month earlier. Unemployment is still more than 2.5 percentage points before the epidemic hits the country.

Receives non-pay on the first Friday of each month, and shows how many jobs have been created outside of agriculture in the United States. Agriculture is excluded from the statistics because it enjoys large, specific seasonal variations.

Statistics are considered to be the most important as a result of measuring performance in the world’s largest economy. Around the world, markets are closely following the release of numbers, which usually have a big immediate effect.

Closed stock markets

This Friday, US stock markets closed for Easter, but the futures market is still trading. After the release of the numbers, futures indices linked to US stock markets rose somewhat.

One of the most important events for the US economy last month was the $ 1.900 billion crisis package sent by President Joe Biden through Congress. The package includes payments to residents of the country and the distribution of $ 350 billion to state and local authorities.

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