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High rates of infection: Now everyone should get a PCR test - including those who have been vaccinated

High rates of infection: Now everyone should get a PCR test – including those who have been vaccinated

For physician and economist Thomas Szybionka, one thing is certain: “We have to test much more – not only those who have not been vaccinated, but also people who have already been vaccinated twice.” He is not alone in his opinion. Austrian researchers recently wrote a statement independent of science calling, in addition to more testing, for more measures, such as the consistent wearing of masks indoors.

The example of Israel and Sweden

Czypionka explains why 2-G — vaccination or recovery — is not enough, using data from Israel or Sweden: “This shows that people vaccinated twice two months after the second bite are 90% protected from infection. From that point on, protection steadily decreases – Older men more than boys, and men more than women.”

After seven months, the risk of infecting yourself and others is much higher than it was soon after the vaccination. The delta variable makes the situation more difficult: “The viral load is very high from the start, so there are no significant differences between those who have been vaccinated and those who have not. However, vaccinated people are not contagious for a long time, which is why they do not contribute to the epidemic. Equally.”

People who have been vaccinated can spread the virus

In practice, this means: Even if unvaccinated people are not allowed to leave the house, the epidemic will not be stopped because vaccination will spread the virus. “This wouldn’t be a problem in and of itself, because you usually hardly need a hospital bed. But if they meet older people, for whom vaccination is often less effective, or with people who haven’t been vaccinated, it could fuel the epidemic.”

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The solution is improved PCR tests, also for vaccinated people – ie 2-G-Plus. “Testing should always be done before they are in closed rooms between people – current PCR testing will certainly be necessary in clubs or in theatre.”