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Historic victory for Vienna amateurs  First Vienna Club 1894

Historic victory for Vienna amateurs First Vienna Club 1894

A historic victory for Vienna amateurs

In the twenty-eighth round of the Vienna State League II, Vienna Amateurs visited Siemens Grossfeld on Saturday afternoon. Vienna took an early lead, played itself crazy and ended up making dozens.

Early preliminary decision from Vienna

The game started perfectly for Vienna and they were in front after just three minutes. Berkhan took action and took an early lead (0:1). Just three minutes later, the traveling fans were allowed to chant again. This time it was Ayalio who did not give the opponent's goalkeeper any chance (0:2). Again just a few minutes later, Piccinini made the early decision with his third goal. Vienna performed well despite the high temperatures. They were superior to the opposing team in terms of running and technique, so the lead was good. After about 20 minutes, the home team scored an honorable goal (1:3) after a direct free kick. However, Tuna's team did not give up and continued to try to control themselves offensively. After 27 minutes, Mahmudovic increased the lead (1:4). The young striker scored again shortly before the end of the first half, but it was not his only goal of the match (1:5).

Vienna does not calm down

The home team made its first changes in the first half, but Vienna did not impress and scored just two minutes into the second half. The courteous prevailed and formed half a dozen (1:6). About an hour later, it was again Mahmudovic who evaded defenders and scored a stunning goal (1:7). Soon after it was the top scorer who triumphed again and scored his fourth goal (1:8). Mahmudovic also tops the league's top scorers list. But after a few moments, the opposing goalkeeper had to reach behind him again. Berkhan scored 1:9. Vienna then made four changes. Boca, Nagel, Piccinini, Eyalew, Djurdzik, Elin, Iobosa and Babic were replaced. Ten minutes later Krasniqi entered the field for the match-winner Mahmudovic. Despite many changes, Vienna remained in control. After 74 minutes, Lorenson scored to make the score 1:10. Shortly before the end, substitutes Babic and Iubosa increased the score again and in the end were able to celebrate a clear 1:12 victory.

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Siemens Grossfeld vs First Vienna FC Amateur 1:12 (1:5)

Vienna State League II – Round 28
Saturday, June 8, 2024 at 4:00 pm
Siemens, 50 spectators

Gates: 0:1 Berkhan (3rd), 0:2 Ayalio (6th), 0:3 Piccinini (10th), 1:3 Dilek (18th), 1:4 Mahmudovic (27th), 1:5 Mahmudovic (42 minutes), 1:6 Hovelich (47th), 1:7 Mahmudovic (59th), 1:8 Mahmudovic (60th), 1:9 Berkhan (61st), 1:10 Lawrenson (74th), 1:11 Babic (83rd place), 1 :12 Eubosa (89th place)

Vienna: Luger, Valchev, Mahmudovic, Lawrenson, Piccinini, Hovelich, Nnamdi, Nagele, Ayalew, Berkhan, Boca.