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Hitzing: When cocoa becomes a work of art

Hitzing: When cocoa becomes a work of art

Nannie Volmeck, Eric Schopf, and Barbara Young (from left) © Robert Crane

Barbara Young is a trained psychotherapist, pleasure researcher, and pleasure coach. Through her shop “Chocofalla” in Lessing, she devotes her efforts to cocoa, among other culinary delicacies. And now this too has become art – at one of the exhibitions in Hietzing.

It's often the very small things that have a big impact. Like the bacteria found on cocoa flowers. Whoever looks at them closely will discover a true world of wonders Eric Schopf. Which is what is called Bacteria. Bacterial aesthetics means creativity, poetry and microcosmic imagination. If you can't imagine anything about it, you should take a photo of it yourself – or several. You have the opportunity to do this in vernissage January 12, 2024 In Grätzlherz Hietzing Notartgassie 40.

But that's not enough – artist Nani Volmic turns art into art again. They appear to us again The duality of everything. She wonderfully complements the works of Eric Schopf with her artistic skills. The different artistic perspectives and styles, female, male, young and experienced, complement each other wonderfully.

Free admission

As a reminder: If you would like to see these wonderful works of art, you must attend the opening on January 12, 2024 At 19 o'clock At Grätzlherz Hietzing you have the opportunity to do this with free admission. This evening you will not only be able to enjoy the wonderful photos, but you will also be able to appreciate the inspiring poems Barbara Young Accompanied by nice sounds Albert Revert.

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