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HLA Master League – UHK Krems rocks in the play-off

HLA Master League – UHK Krems rocks in the play-off

The Kremsers were already under pressure in the semi-final second leg in their own hall. After the defeat at 26:32 in Hard, Ebesh Taki's team wanted to force a decisive third match with a win. Accordingly, the red and yellow team started enthusiastically. Krems' first two goals were disallowed by the referee's team due to a violation and a striker's foul. As Lukas Domevski made a brilliant save in the first few minutes, it was the home team who scored the first goal of the evening through Tobias Oss five minutes later.

Initial tension from both teams

Very few goals were scored in the first ten minutes, as both teams dropped balls in front and were keen to defend cohesively and the tough ones were 4-2 up at this point. However, after that, the Krems once again had the upper hand. Tine Gaertner surprised both Konstantin Mostel and Golub Duknyk in the tougher goal several times with high balls from the wing. After a good quarter of an hour, Tim Roseman gave UHK a two-goal lead for the first time. Then it happened in quick succession. Goals were scored from both sides every second.

Rudischer showed shortly before half-time

Five minutes before halftime, Benedikt Ruedescher, who had been out with injury the past few weeks, scored twice to make it 13:10. At this point, the Vorarlbergers did not show their usual side and repeatedly allowed the Kremsers to score easy goals. However, they took it coolly and shortly before the siren they had a big chance through Tyne Gartner to take a five-goal lead for the first time. However, Doknic held firm and allowed Lenio Sjonk to get through with 16:13 to go before the game went into the catacombs.

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Wide awake from the cabin

After the start of the second half, the Crimsers picked up right where they left off. Rudischer and Moritz Mittendorfer immediately led with five goals. In the 37th minute, Gartner scored the goal at 21:15 after a quick counterattack. After that, the powerful ones, who did not give up under any circumstances, returned to the match. Dominik Schmid provided a breath of fresh air in the backcourt, and 'The Magician' Doknyk, who had a fantastic day and replaced Mostel in the second half, enabled his strikers to score quick counter-goals several times.

Seven against six

Hard-line coach Hannes John Jonsson also relied on an artificial majority after stoppage time ended in the 37th minute. The Icelander constantly took his goalkeeper off the field to be able to penetrate the strong Krems defense with another man. Before that, the Vorarlbergers gnawed their teeth at Wachau's defensive block. Therefore, Taki switched to 5:1 coverage, as his team found it very difficult in these minutes. As the second half of the game progressed, the Toughies got closer and closer to the Crimsers.

“The Magician” Dunik and Tokic bring back Hard

While the Krems had particular problems with Hards' Ivan Horvat in the first leg, it was winger Ante Tokic who turned things around again in the final phase of the second leg, and together with Doknik ensured Vorarlberg's return. In the 50th minute, Gartner saw a two-minute penalty kick for a foul and a seven-metre whistle for the visitors. Tokic turned dry and reached 27:27 with ten minutes to go. Shortly thereafter, Team Harder had the opportunity to take the lead again for the first time, but in return, 17-year-old Kremser Mark Gaydusek scored 28:27.

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UHK keeps calm

Then the game of patience developed. The Kremsers repeatedly took the lead and then conceded the equaliser. However, when the score was 30:29, the Krems made a strong save, Domevskik made the save and Rudischer scored the third goal in a row at 31:29. Just over two minutes before the end, Hardern was able to score the next goal through Tokic. Tim Roseman failed in his attack against Doknik, which is why Harder's team had a chance to equalize. After the toughest was forced to take the final shot due to playing time, Domevskik made the save. Taki was given a timeout 14 seconds before the end, and Luca Rachl intercepted the final attack, but the ball went out and the seconds disappeared from the clock. When the siren sounded, all the dams in Krems broke and the crowded hall shook.

Confrontation in the countryside

While Doknyk was named player of the match for the visitors, he was also the home team's goalkeeper. Domevscek was the standout man of the evening with a 38 percent defense rate alongside Rudischer and Gartner. So, after the 1-1 draw with the Krems, there will be a play-off match in Hard on Friday. At 6:05 p.m., the grand final showdown will take place in the gym on the banks of the lake. The winner will face HC Linz, who eliminated Fivers in two matches.

Voices about the game:

Ibesh Taki, coach of OK Krems: “I am very satisfied and of course very proud. The team was very hungry and defended brutally well. The strong players were surprised by the pace of our play, and now all the pressure is on them.

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UHK Krems – HC HARD 31:30 (16:13).

UHK Krems: Domevskik, Holler; Alkić, Os (4), Dekker (4), Feichtinger, Gärtner (6), Gajdusek (1), Hašišić, Hoffmann (2), Jelinek, Mittendorfer (2), Positis (1), Rosemann (4), Rudischer ( 7),Stradinger.

HC hard: Doknik (1), Mostel; Achilles (2), Antanavicius (2), Babic (2), Fritsch, Hammerli, Horvat (3), Lurzer, Mischi, Rachli (6), Schmid (1), Schnabel (2), Sjonk (1), Stefanovic. Tokic (10).