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Honda drops and brings new Civic

Honda drops and brings new Civic

sSold for 50 years Honda Cars under the Civic name. Once started as a small car, the Civic has long become a lower-middle-class sedan. The eleventh generation will debut in September, and in Germany, from now on, the four-door hatchback sedan will be sold in only one model as a hybrid. A significant part of the car is new, for example, the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, as well as the bodywork, which does not grow up at once, but becomes more spacious. The roof is five centimeters lower, the hood moves down a little, and the A-pillar moves five centimeters back. Honda says the new Civic is the lowest car in the C-Class. But the height in the rear does not suffer.

We can confirm the latter after testing the seat on the occasion of the first fixed presentation of the newcomer. In any case, the Civic’s exterior wins, such as the flat light strip at the front with nine LEDs in a row, and the taillights, which are now horizontal, look good. According to Honda, the efficiency of the new engine is 41 percent, which is exceptional for a gasoline engine. Powered by an electric motor, the duo delivers 184 hp (135 kW) and a maximum torque of 315 Nm. The engine can also drive the front wheels alone, but it usually acts as a generator and produces electricity for the electric motor. There is no gear in the actual sense, just a fixed ratio. The system is known from Honda Jazz, and has been revised for the Civic. According to Honda, the Civic is 90 percent electric in the city. There is a small traction battery under the rear seat.

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The European Civic was built at the Yorii factory near Tokyo. In his homeland there are still models of afterburners. In Germany, Honda cars will be electrified from September.