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Honda partnership ‘good news’ for Aston Martin

Honda partnership ‘good news’ for Aston Martin

( Fernando Alonso believes Aston Martin is doing everything right with Honda. The two-time Formula 1 world champion can understand why his team is looking for a new driving partner for the 2026 season: “Maybe this is the only way to be 100% sure that everything is under control with your group.”

Fernando Alonso gives his thumbs up on the 2023 Formula 1 season

Because in the current partnership with Mercedes, Aston Martin is just a customer team and has to deal with the materials provided by Mercedes. In 2026 with Honda, Aston Martin takes first place.

“It’s always better to develop a new powertrain with your own chassis. As a factory team, I’ve combined everything upfront. I only see the advantages there,” says Alonso.

The Honda partnership underscores Aston’s ambitions

Therefore, the announced collaboration between Aston Martin and Honda is “very good and exciting news” for the Formula 1 team based in Silverstone in England.

Alonso: The new partnership “underscores Aston Martin’s determination to really want to win races and titles in the future, while maintaining its independence, building the gearbox and everything in the car itself. It’s a great sign for everyone involved at Aston Martin, knowing you have the desire and the ability to win.” .

Will Alonso stay with Aston Martin after 2025?

Alonso might wish so. Because it is currently unclear whether he will still be active in the racing series when Honda returns to Formula 1. Original voice: “I don’t know what I’m going to do in 2026. I’d be lying if I said I already had a plan.”

Alonso said he was currently feeling “fresh and motivated” and was “completely there and still fast” in the cockpit. “If I continue to enjoy it, I will continue to race. But I understand that one day I will wake up, and then I will probably not be motivated to continue traveling and things like that.”

“Maybe I just don’t feel the speed anymore. Then I’ll be the first to say it’s time. Let’s wait and see.”

After all, 2026 is still “far away,” says Alonso. “At the moment I’m focused on Monaco because it’s an important weekend and the rest of the season 2023, then 2024. I hope we can take another step forward so we can fight for better results.”

Alonso is now for Honda

A few years ago, when Alonso was already on the road with Honda power, he was driving desperately in his McLaren. His vociferous criticism of Honda over team radio is well known, and the “GP2 engine” is still on the ears of many.

Is there any question about working together again? “It wouldn’t be a problem for me to race again with Honda,” says Alonso.

“It didn’t work last time. It was for some of my teammates like Stoffel [Vandoorne] Maybe worse. They came to a project that was probably not fully ready at that time.

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“But Honda has now proven that they have a competitive package. In 2021 and 2022 Honda are world champions and will likely win the title again in 2023. The package is very strong now. It’s coming. [2026] New rules, but it should be a very exciting project. “

If Alonso 2026 is no longer active…

And if Alonso is no longer active as a driver: can he imagine a different role in the world of Aston Martin, perhaps in a technical sense? Here, too, he doesn’t commit himself: “I don’t know. It’s still too far into the future for any idea. I have to focus on the current season first.”

Like I said, it’s very exciting news. There’s a lot going on in the team: the partnership with Honda, the new factory moving in this month, the new wind tunnel next year. That’s really a lot. And of course you’re on fire and flame and I want to be a part of it for many years to come. Whether as a chauffeur or in some other role, I would just be honored to be a part of it.”

“But at the moment I only have Monaco on my mind, this year and next year. I’m not sure what I’ll do in 2025 either.” (Recall the terms of current Formula 1 driver contracts here!)

Alonso and Aston Martin are the secret favorites in Monaco

On the other hand, it is quite clear what Alonso will do next weekend: drive Formula 1 in Monaco, with the possibility of a surprise. Many believe that Alonso and Aston Martin are capable of finishing on the classic street circuit podium, or even more than that.

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However, Alonso himself approaches the Monaco Grand Prix “like any other”, in his words. “We don’t think we’re the fastest in Monaco. I don’t think so [beim Kräfteverhältnis] There is a big shift compared to Baku. Ferrari was strong there and can do well again here.”

“But I’d be lying if I said I came here and I don’t believe in the chances of winning because Monaco is a chance for us. Monaco, Singapore – there are certain tracks where you have to build confidence in free practice and always get close to the walls.” Therefore, Alonso said that he “attacks” “more than other weekends”.