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How and when can I get my money back?

How and when can I get my money back?

FTI Touristik GmbH and BigXtra GmbH have filed for bankruptcy. What should customers consider now? Who gets their money back? Legal expert Michaela Schwanenberg from the Consumer Center Saxony with the most important answers.

Written by Carmen Prima, Editorial Team of the Journal of Economics and Advice

FTI has filed for bankruptcy. What does this mean for consumers as a first step?

Michaela Schwanenberg: Affected consumers should monitor developments closely and inquire about their trip – i.e. ask whether the trip will take place. The contact person is always the organizer/supplier. Unfortunately, those affected will have to make a lot of effort to obtain accurate information. You can ask questions online, i.e. the FTI website or hotlines, use travel portals or travel agencies if necessary, or the website of the German Travel Insurance Fund (DRSF).

Which FTI brands were affected by the bankruptcy? Will anyone follow him?

According to all the press information that appears, FTI Touristik, 5vorFlug, BigXtra GmbH and DriveFTI have been affected so far. It can be assumed that other brands can follow.

Affected rental car brandsAccording to FTI Group, car rental brands DriveFTI, Cars&Campers and Meeting Point Rent-a-Car were also affected. (As of June 7, 11 a.m.)

What exactly are FTI travelers affected?

Trips in which FTI, as the organizer, is the consumer's contractual partner, are affected by insolvency. Services booked with external service providers for whom FTI is merely an agent are not affected.

What applies to passengers who are already travelling?

Michaela Schwanenberg is a consultant in the legal team at the Consumer Center Saxony.
Photo copyright: Jessica Grossman

Travelers affected by bankruptcy at their holiday destination and needing support should contact local travel agents, service provider customer hotlines, the German Travel Insurance Fund (DRSF) or the emergency number +49 (0) 89 710 45 14 98. If requested by these parties affected by making other payments, such payments should only be made against a receipt and only if this is unavoidable.

What should consumers who book a flight do first?

Those affected should strive to provide clear and reliable information about their specific trip. (See also the answer to question 1.) Furthermore, no further payments must be made before clarification.

What about sightseeing tours?

Customers who have booked an all-inclusive trip or trips with associated travel services are protected by the German Travel Insurance Fund or so-called security certificate. As part of the legal mandate, the German Travel Insurance Fund (DRSF) and the security certificate protect affected consumers. Refunds will be given and return transportation will be insured.

Keyword: connected travel services“Bundled travel services are services that are purchased from different merchants on the basis of separate contracts but are then linked together. Travel services are considered linked if the merchant arranges the booking of one or more additional services for the purpose of the same trip or holiday. The term ‘bundled travel services’ does not apply.” “Unless the combination of travel services does not constitute an all-inclusive vacation,” explains Ms. Schwanenberg.

Customers who have booked an all-inclusive trip or trips with associated travel services are protected by the German Travel Insurance Fund or so-called security certificate.

Michaela Schwanenberg, Consumer Center Saxony

When can you expect payment?

It is not possible to provide any reliable forecasts today. It can be assumed that there will soon be interview forms and an appropriate procedure/procedure and that the German Travel Insurance Fund (DRSF) will contact affected consumers as soon as all necessary information and data have been provided by the FTI.

FTI note on individual services such as flights and hotels“Unfortunately, individual services do not fall within the legal insurance protection of holiday packages and are therefore not insured by the German Travel Insurance Fund. We are currently checking whether you can still use the booked services and will get back to you shortly,” he explains. FTI group on their homepage (as of June 7, 11am).

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