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How author Thomas Brezina met his wife, Ivo

How author Thomas Brezina met his wife, Ivo

He has 600 books Thomas Brezina (60), has hosted several TV shows and recorded several podcasts. Now he has found a new challenge: the theatre. From November 22 he will be on stage at the Globe in Vienna with his solo show and tell his personal story there.

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“It’s time for me to pass on experiences and ideas so that they can be useful to others. And through the spoken word you can better access feelings. The things that helped me maybe can also help others,” he said in Ö3 – “Breakfast with Me” in Claudia Stoeckl.

His wife also took to the breakfast table Evo place. The two said they met through the dating app Grindr. “We both had roughly the same description: ‘New to Brighton, looking for friends.’ I then texted Ivo: ‘Let’s have a drink’ and then we didn’t look back for a week. He replied but was upset I didn’t. about it and prevented me. But my message got through anyway.

The two almost never became a couple, because they both believed that the other did not want a relationship. Only shortly before Ivo wanted a move away from Brighton did the two talk about it. “The next day we moved in together.”

Brezina sees the meaning of life in “consciously fulfilling the time given to us. Each person must decide for himself how he wants to do it.”