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How bike startups defy the “whip effect”.

How bike startups defy the “whip effect”.

The e-bike scene, which saw a huge boom during the pandemic, is now affected in part by what’s called the “whiplash effect.” For example, the hopeful Austrian company Glim could not be saved from bankruptcy recently.

But there are also other young local companies that can still find success with e-bikes. One of them is World Social Forum From Upper Austria. The company, founded in 2020, produces bicycles and e-bikes for manufacturers and brands from the entire DACH region. Alexander Schnöl and Roland Valmansberger, co-founders of the startup, are guests on the podcast. Threads:

– The story behind the World Social Forum

The service provided by the young company to manufacturers and brands

How the founders lived the boom year 2020

The impact of the current whip and how the World Social Forum can challenge it

The crowdfunding campaign that the startup is currently running

Expansion plans that the founders want to implement with money

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