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How dangerous is India's boom?

How dangerous is India’s boom?

Corona numbers are currently increasing in India. One of the reasons is the new virus variant. B 1.617. Scientists from Great Britain are now looking at how dangerous and widespread the mutation is.

This variant has several mutations, including E484Q and L452R, according to media reports. It looks similar to the British variant.

The ‘Indian double boom’

The second variant, L452R, makes the virus easier to transmit, as it is already known from the Californian variant. Since the two mutations are combined into one variant, one in this case speaks of the ‘Indian double mutation’.

However, the mutations are not meaningful, according to experts. The analysis of virus prevalence in the population is more important for evaluation. The amount of data is still too small for that. This virus variant has not been evaluated by international sites.

Younger people are waiting for a long time

Nevertheless, many experts are very concerned that more and more young people are contracting Covid-19. The decrease in the number of elderly people could be related to increased vaccination coverage. Increasingly dangerous courses of the disease are also found. At best, this is due to the fact that the younger generation of 40 years old often only anticipates the progression of the disease slightly and then waits a long time before seeking medical care.

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