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How did mathematics become what it is today, Aeneas Roach?

How did mathematics become what it is today, Aeneas Roach?

Figures, numbers, numbers – they can also be seen in the practical museum “Matematicum” in Giessen.
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Cantor, Hilbert, Gödel: Ennis Roach on a revolution that not only led to the computer.

WWe calculate all the time – to manage our time when shopping, eating, exercising, and working anyway: mathematics It spreads in many ways in everyday life. We are now able to use mathematical ideas to build machines that can even perform complex calculations that people wouldn’t be able to do without these tools for a long time.

why is that? What was the mathematical revolution that took place beginning in 1870 and ended about a century later? What does that have to do with infinity?

Ines Roche has a Ph.D. in mathematics and has just written a book about exactly that. In this episode he talks about the most important mathematical thinkers of their time, about people like Georg Cantor, Bertrand Russell, David Hilbert or Kurt Gödel, about the difference between mathematics and arithmetic, about logic and more.

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