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How did Max Planck's son live?

How did Max Planck’s son live?

Erwin Blank (left) with his father hiking in the mountains, circa 1935
Photo: bpk / Berlin State Library

Erwin Blanc was active in the resistance and was killed by the Nazis. What could happen to his father? How was the relationship between the two? In the conditions of the literary approach.

eI must have been in the mid-80s, I was eleven or twelve years old. To this day, I still see my father sitting at his desk with some yellowed newspaper clippings from the Frankfurter Allgemeine in front of him. It was from 1973, from the “Letters to Editors” section, and the point was that the old German two-mark piece had recently been withdrawn from circulation. Presumably for fraud reasons, because the cigarette machines were paid for in foreign currencies instead of the two brands. Now the coin has been changed, and the most striking thing is that Max Planck’s profile no longer adorns his back, but photos of Konrad Adenauer Or Theodore Hughes.

My father was not interested in coins. He was interested in Max Planck and the discussion about his character. Because Max Planck is part of our family. My great-grandmother was Planck’s sister, actually a half-sister, but of course we’ve always been proud of this relationship, albeit a distant one. My grandfather still communicates with “Uncle Max,” and I remember a letter with a large ink blot on it, which hung framed on my grandparents’ wall and made the Nobel laureate kind to me when I was a kid: “Sorry for the smudge!” Planck wrote under Flick commented.

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