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How does the left concede victory to the right?

How does the left concede victory to the right?

One would think that the September 25 parliamentary elections have already been decided: newspapers report that right-wing Georgia Meloni will surely win. The left also warns about it rather than putting it on its own.

“Scegli” – it was decided. With this logo is left Democratic Party, PD, in the Italian Parliament election campaign. Translated, meaning: those who do not vote for the PD vote for the right. Last Tuesday evening, “Scegli” shone in white letters on the screen of the theater in central Rome. It’s the start of the Democratic Party leader’s election campaign Enrico Letta in Rome. The elections will be held on September 25. But no sign of campaign fever: the arena is small.

Even with two to three thousand spectators, it should have the full effect, the newspapers wrote. But PD set the stage back in the middle, and cut the space in half. The organizers did not expect a large crowd from the beginning – and apparently did not want it either: the event was not announced anywhere. Flyers and posters? no one.
Accordingly, the audience consisted mainly of party members and journalists, and only a few curious people turned away. This cautious strategy comes as a surprise when you look at the polls: According to the latest SWG poll, PD is currently only second and has recently lost some of its approval. Fratelli d’Italia, the right-wing nationalist party Georgia Meloni Lead.

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