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How Google wants to make smartphone repair easier

How Google wants to make smartphone repair easier

The average useful life of a smartphone is about two to two and a half years. But after this time, a smartphone should not be just electronic waste.

Google sees it that way too. The internet giant offers smartphones called Pixel. Google has now introduced some new repair functions for these Pixel phones that aim to extend the life of the devices.

Step 1: Start the diagnostic application

Using the Pixel Phone app, users can start a diagnostic test to identify problems throughout the device. There is also the option to run tests for physical defects and screen, sensor or connectivity issues. The new tool is available in English on all Pixel phones.

Updated manuals for DIY repairs

Google has also updated the guides for smartphones “so that they are easier to use for technicians and do-it-yourselfers,” according to “Google blog” means. The manuals are currently only available for the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel Fold models. Required original replacement parts can be obtained from one of Google’s cooperation partners in Germany.

Repair mode prevents data access during repair

Despite the manuals and parts service: not everyone has the confidence to repair their smartphone themselves. Of course, you can also get your Pixel repaired: either by sending it to Google or taking it to an authorized repair partner.

Either way, it’s important to back up your data beforehand. Until now, this meant: backup the smartphone, delete the data, take it to repair and then import the data from the backup again. This effort will not be necessary in the future. Google has introduced Pixel Repair mode, which prevents the service provider from accessing data on the device during the repair process.

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The European Union is working on the right to reform

The European Union is currently working on a law that would introduce the “right to repair”. The plan is to extend the warranty of devices such as smartphones, TVs or washing machines by one year after repair. In addition, consumers should obtain a replacement device during the repair process.