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How is this app supposed to help fight dementia – T3N – Digital Pioneers

How is this app supposed to help fight dementia – T3N – Digital Pioneers

Memory can be trained in the same way as muscles. (Image: LightField Studios)

A good memory can effectively prevent dementia. However, this will require regular training as you get older. The Hippocamera app is designed to help with that. It works according to a special principle that should permanently reactivate memories.

Our brain is like a muscle: if it is not exercised, it loses its functions over time. As a result, the risk of suffering from degenerative diseases such as dementia increases with age.

Therefore, it is very important that we regularly give our brain incentives to remember. This is exactly what the Hippocamera app was developed for.

As the name suggests, the Hippocamera begins with the so-called hippocampus, an area of ​​our brain responsible for short-term memory. So that these memories can be recalled, the app works with video clips accompanied by a short soundtrack.

It works as follows: First, users are specifically guided through several steps during recording in order to activate short-term memory.

In the next step, the app creates hints and prompts from short clips, which are then presented to users according to a pattern so that they will remember the event again.

The Hippocamera works on a similar principle to the Hippocampus itself. In this way, the memory is said to be trained three times more effectively than by repeatedly watching standard videos, such as the company on your website write about it.

A study confirming the effectiveness of the application

This was confirmed by a study conducted by the University of Toronto. Scientists found that those participants who used the Hippocamera app regularly were able to remember up to 50 percent more details.

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Researchers are convinced that memory loss goes hand in hand with the loss of one’s own personality. With the Hippocamera app, events should be better associated with emotions once again.

The number of dementia cases will increase

According to the German Alzheimer’s Association About 1.8 million people in Germany currently suffer from dementia. According to estimates, by 2050, the number will increase to between 2.4 and 2.8 million. In addition to eating a healthy diet, the DAG recommends, among other things, “mental, physical, and social activity” to reduce disease risk.