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How long does the bleeding last?

How long does the bleeding last?

IUD removal: How long does the bleeding last?

Removing the file usually only takes a few minutes. Your gynecologist will use special tweezers to pull out the contraceptive using the retrieval string. Many women experience bleeding immediately after the procedure. But how does this actually happen and how long does the bleeding last?

The hormonal IUD constantly releases hormones to affect the menstrual cycle. If the IUD is removed, it may take some time for it to return to its normal shape The hormonal balance in the body returns to normal. During this adjustment period, irregular bleeding may occur. This period can range from a few weeks to a few months. Aside from that, IUD removal may be temporary Endometrial reaction Which may cause minor bleeding. However, these should return after a few days.

Bleeding can also occur when the copper coil is removed. Both insertion and removal of the copper coil can be done using a Temporary irritation of the uterus Which causes slight bleeding. In this case too, the bleeding should stop after a few days.

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When do you see a doctor?

In rare cases, removing the (copper) IUD can cause Infection or injury to the uterus comes, which in turn can cause bleeding. Therefore, pay attention to possible signs of infection, e.g Fever, the mom or Unusually heavy bleeding In such cases, you should consult a doctor immediately.

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