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How Powerful is the ELF at the End of the Season ›HL-SPORTS

Andre Revere, Sr. (US National Team, DT / NT, Fermont State University) Jennie Adams (LF All Stars). Photo: Lopega / Roberto Seattle

BERLIN – Organized at the end of the season European Football League (ELF) An international game back in Berlin, with an ELF All-Star team American national team Started At the end of the game, which unfortunately did not participate much, the ELF players showed again that they can keep themselves at a high level.

The Americans started the game very fast to put pressure on opponents in the first quarter, but failed. Remy Bertellin of the Barcelona Dragons made the first touchdown for the All-Stars in the first quarter. This is followed by two domain goals Philip Fries Anderson (Hamburg) to 12-0. In the end, Hubert Okrodovsky (Panthers Vrokov) made it possible by compulsory mistake Evans Ebova (Hamburg) A touch.

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Both defense teams were able to perform better. Two quick turnovers began after the second half mutually forced stumbles. Syntavius ​​Jones managed the first touchdown for the United States after a good pass and almost free space in the final zone. With the next 2-point shift, he brought the United States to eleven points. The next points were again made by the defense, i.e. by the hosts: Connor Miller (USA) had to put in several sacks – Kyle Kitchens (Leipzig) finally got annoyed after burying him – finally before Daniel Laporte (Hamburg) Finally ended the game with the Big Six in the final minutes of the game. Final score: 26: 8 for the ELF All-Star team.

It can be said that the end of the first season ELF We were able to bring together powerful new teams from leading players from the GFL and other European leagues so they could play well on a selection team. The American team had an unusually bad day, but in the end it was a lot of fun in this friendly game. In the final game of the season, everywhere, only the atmosphere of the stadium really didn’t want to rise.

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