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How researchers found an unknown room

How researchers found an unknown room

Japanese and French scientists have been working with muon technology Examine the density of the pyramid and discover evidence of unknown cavities. Since 2019, TUM researchers have also been involved in the investigation of hidden structures in the pyramid. Your presence Using different techniquesTo look inside the stone blocks, beyond.

“The pyramids are part of the world’s cultural heritage. That is why we must be particularly careful during the investigation so that no damage occurs. That is why we are working on the Cheops pyramid with radar and ultrasound measuring devices that can be used non-destructively,” explains Professor Christian Large from Chair non-destructive testing “sometimes even without contact.” It’s no comparison to the methods used in the 19th century, when explorers used explosives to blast their way through the pyramids in search of hidden chambers.

View in the endoscopic pyramid chamber

The scientists were able to confirm the density measurements using an endoscope camera. They find a small gap between the chevron stones, a massive gabled stone structure. Through these they could push a five-millimeter-wide endoscope into the posterior chamber. This method is usually used to examine cavities in machinery or structures such as bridges.

The images from the newly discovered chamber in the pyramid of Khufu stunned the researchers: “The discovery of a cavity in the pyramid is something special. But the fact that this chamber is large enough to hold many people makes it even more significant,” says Professor Gross.