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How to fight heartbreak with riddles

How to fight heartbreak with riddles

My daughter is love sick. This means we sit around a 1000 piece puzzle for hours and I have no idea how to make heaven.

Bad heartbreak. I'll leave it like that for now. There's no need to find a nicer word to describe it, and sometimes a little bit of rudeness can be liberating. Shit, shit. Now I could say some bad words on the subject of heartache, but I won't. She still loves him.

She still loves him, which is why we are sitting on the parquet floor in the living room with 1000 pieces of the puzzle spread out in front of us. 1000! And that's for us, who have never done puzzles, i.e. I've never done puzzles (that is, as far as I can remember) and the kids haven't done it since they were kids, real kids, not just for me and my husband.

We've reached the edge

It's a beautiful puzzle. It shows Hokusai's “Great Wave”, which is the Japanese Klimt so to speak, and the “wave” is his “kiss”. My daughter bought the puzzle for just €13.90, and the other daughter decided we weren't allowed to look at the template, as if 1,000 pieces wasn't enough of a challenge. So I have to rely on my memory, and this seems to be a very bad thing for The Wave. I have only now discovered that it depicts people sitting in long, thin boats and being tossed back and forth by the rough sea. We can only say: You made a good choice.

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