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How to Respond to a Call From Jefferson Capital Systems

Jefferson Capital Systems is a debt collection agency located in Saint Cloud, Minnesota, with 20+ years of experience in debt collection.

When you receive a call from a debt collection agency, you may become increasingly overwhelmed, especially if they harass or blackmail you into paying the debt. However, it is important to know that any form of debt collection harassment is illegal and prohibited by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Wondering how to respond to a call from Jefferson Capital Systems? Depending on your case, here are the steps to follow.

  • Determine if the debt collection company is legitimate

Before agreeing to any debts, find out if they exist and the collection agency is real. Scammers usually disguise themselves as debt collectors. Therefore, it is crucial to know if the caller is from the company or it’s just an intruder.

Different allegations on Jefferson capital systems scam have been proven wrong since the company is legitimate and has been operational since 1998.

To know if the debt collector is a scammer or from Jefferson Capital Systems, inquire about their name, the agency’s address and contact, and the creditor’s name. Also, ask them the total amount you owe and how they know that the debt belongs to you.

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  • Note important details

A record and proof of communication are very crucial in case of future charges dispute.

Here are some points you may wish to take down:

  • The debt collector’s name
  • The time of the call
  • An email address for written information
  • The content of the discussion
  • Requests that may have been made
  • Don’t admit to any debt
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Think of this as a court case: you are innocent until proven guilty. The major mistake that most people make when responding to a debt collector’s call is accepting a debt they are not even sure of. Do not admit to owing any debt or send money to Jefferson Capital Systems until you have confirmed the presence of the debt and the appropriate collector.

Some debt collectors will create debts or want to collect those way past the statute of limitations. Confirming your debts before admitting to them will save you from these scams.

  • Seek A Debt Validation Letter

A debt validation letter will tell you if you really owe Jefferson Capital Systems and how much money you owe them, including extra charges.

Every debt collector who calls you is required by law to accompany the call with a written letter concerning the debt. This letter is referred to as a debt validation letter.

If the debt collector from Jefferson Capital Systems fails to send you a debt validation letter within five days of the first communication, you have a month (30 days) to send a verification letter requesting a validation letter.

The debt validation letter not only verifies the debt but also indicates the full amount, the debt’s age, and the legal permission for Jefferson Capital Systems to collect the debt.

  • Hang Up When Necessary

If it’s a bad time to talk or the debt collector catches you unawares, hanging up the phone may be the best option. This is because you require enough time to analyze the debt situation and really determine if it belongs to you, how you plan to repay it, and if it is even worth paying.

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If you receive a call from Jefferson Capital Systems at such a time, all you need to do is accept the call and politely excuse yourself, and request a different call schedule.

You could say something like this: “Now is not a good time. Could you please call me back in an hour?”

Whatever information you give concerning the debt and your plans of paying it could be used against you legally, so be careful what you say and never admit to owing a debt until it’s verified.