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How to take your business to the next level with logistics automation?


Undoubtedly automation is one of the best applications that can be used in small and large businesses, repetitive tasks are boring and over time, are done with less effort, so it is best to opt for an alternative that automates this task.

One of the big differences that we can find in AMR Robots, is that they have the service of programming and custom configuration, so you can have the equipment you need considering the spaces, weights and dimensions of the equipment that you would like to integrate.

What are AMR Robots in robotics?

First of all, an Autonomous Mobile Robot is a machine that can move by itself and has the ability to perform tasks without the need of a human operator. This is very useful in many aspects, since humans are not as precise as machines and, in addition, we can easily get tired. For example, if you need to transport heavy loads from one place to another, an Autonomous Mobile Robot will be much more efficient than a human.

Advantages of AMR

Autonomous mobile robots are a very useful tool in many aspects of life. For example, at work, at home or even on the battlefield. Surely you have seen these Robots in movies or TV series and wondered how they work. Well, today we are going to talk about the advantages of these Robots and how they can help you in your day to day life.

One advantage of these robots is that they can work 24 hours a day, without a break. This is very useful in situations where you need constant work, as in the case of factories or logistics centers. This increases productivity and reduces costs.

  1. Greater mobility: Autonomous mobile robots are more mobile than traditional robots. This is because they do not have to be connected to a computer to operate. This allows them to move freely around the home or workplace.
  2. Less expensive: The cost of investing in the purchase of AMR Robots is much lower compared to performing the work based on a team of people who have to be paid on an ongoing basis.
  3. Greater safety: AMR robots are much safer than traditional robots. This is because they do not have to be connected to a computer to operate. This means that there are no wires that could be dangerous.
  4. Greater flexibility: Autonomous mobile robots are much more flexible than traditional robots. This is because they do not have to be connected to a computer to function. This allows them to adapt to different environments.
  5. Long life: Contrary to what many may think, AMRs have state-of-the-art designs that make it possible to have a long life with the continuous use of these devices without worries.
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It is important to say that the duration depends on the care given, scheduled maintenance and the type of AMR purchased, since the capacities are different between each model for specific functions.

  1. Very easy to apply repair: You can take your devices to different specialized centers so that they can be repaired in case they present a problem, but this is not something mandatory, since if you have specialized personnel who have knowledge on this subject, they will be able to perform this service within your company.

The main advantage is that you will have what you need to be able to use your AMR as many times as necessary without worrying about the difficulty of repairing these devices.

  1. Better order in your warehouses: A continuous problem that many companies have is cleaning, no matter what the reason is, they always have complications with this issue, a feature that is really reduced by having a very specific system that avoids generating waste in a continuous way.
  2. Saving time: Although we still cannot automate all processes, being able to perform tasks in less time gives us an advantage over our competitors. Having to do the processes based on people, it is normal that the performance drops in some cases or specific days due to the fatigue caused by performing the tasks, I feel a feature that is eliminated when you start using AMR robots.

The optimization of time is part of improving and being able to offer a high quality service to more customers or establishments of the brand.

  1. Finally, autonomous mobile robots are increasingly used in the field of security, as they can be programmed to detect and avoid dangerous situations. For example, in nuclear plants or power plants. In this way, the risk of accidents is reduced and the people working in these places are protected.
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We can say that autonomous mobile robots are a very useful tool in many aspects of life. If you need to transport heavy loads, work 24 hours a day or detect and avoid dangerous situations, an autonomous mobile robot will be the best choice.