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Hubble pictures merging galaxies

Hubble pictures merging galaxies

© ESA/Hubble & NASA, R. Chandar

The Hubble Space Telescope he have two galaxies collide handle. The couple bears the name IC 1623 It is an “interacting galaxy system”. The spiralgalaxin Around 275 million light years removed and present in constellation cetus (Whale).

Photo was taken from who – which Published and shows the two galaxies in the late stage of their merger. Created with the help of 8 filtersthat of UV light Until infrared light Success.

IC 1623

According to the European Space Agency, the merger will cause a lot of gas to flow out, resulting in tumor many stars. The result may be what is called Starburstgalaxie It is a galaxy with a particularly high star formation rate.

First photo from 2008

This isn’t the first time Hubble has captured ‘Clash of the Titans’. picture 2008 The collision was shown for the first time. At that time, only two filters were used, which is why the image was less detailed. even the best 3 . wide field camera It wasn’t working yet at that time. I got 2009 built-in.

IC 1623 (photo from 2008)

The European Space Agency has also announced that this will likely not be the last recording of IC 1623. With the James Webb Weltraoscopic Telescope A powerful new instrument for observing the universe will appear in space this year. It is intended to accurately reveal the processes responsible for extreme star formations as in IC 1623.

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