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Humorous home cooking as a great show

Humorous home cooking as a great show

They do not rely on a continuous plot, but resort to classical forms such as numerical theatricals and double conferences. Not like smart and stupid – although Gernot says: “You're playing fat and stupid, so who am I going to play?” Stibets “Millennium” (40).

The political present plays no role at all, but rather the past, where not everything was better: children served as a stand-in for the remote control that did not yet exist (Stepsits: “I was FS2, my brother was FS1”) and influencers sat at the regulars' table To gather their followers.

Gram is a wire-haired dachshund and Hanses moon boots

Gernot & Stipsits also brings together their audience through acting scenes – such as the talkative aristocrats in a café and, above all, as the Tyroleans who first talk innocuously about dog breeding, only to end up with “the fines of the bristly-haired dachshund” and the Hanse's ancestry. Moon shoes from Hinterseer. The cult-like dialogue falls into a series of Alpine spaghetti Western parodies.

Gernot and Stepsits' guitar skills make “Lotterbuben” a compelling overall package. Adriano Celentano's “Una festa sui prati” was rewritten as “Hobt's es goa ka Surbrati?” The Zipfelreiter family, the subject of this issue, didn't want to miss the opportunity to enjoy Austrian cuisine on the Adriatic, either.

In terms of funny lyrics, a lot of things here may be home cooking, but the two insult brothers get along brilliantly, handling even the nasty disrespect (like routine, artificial intercourse) with plenty of charm and subtly engaging the audience.

After a cleverly interwoven piece of Austropop music, the standing ovations at the Vienna Globe were not “a given” for Gernot, but they were well deserved.

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Currier Classification: ****