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Hungarian President Orban cancels visit to Allianz Arena

Hungarian President Orban cancels visit to Allianz Arena

Munich – Good news ahead of the crucial European Championship match between Germany and Hungary: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has canceled his visit to the Allianz Arena in Munich, according to the German News Agency.

Accordingly, Urban planned to land in Munich by private plane around 5:30 pm, after the match, he wanted to spend the night at the Bayerischer Hof.

The fierce debate over rainbow lighting

The politician’s refusal comes after heated discussions about the lighting of the Munich EM square.

UEFA rejected a request from Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter. He wanted the stadium to sparkle with the colors of the rainbow.

The reason for this desire is a recently passed law in Hungary that prevents young people from obtaining information on homosexual and transgender topics. Orbán is a big advocate of the law.

However, since UEFA has banned colored lighting, stadiums across Germany and, among other things, a wind turbine next to the Allianz Arena will be lit in the evening.

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