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Hunters for new rules for 'problem wolves'

Hunters for new rules for ‘problem wolves’

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In recent years, calls for new regulation have increased as wolves increasingly kill sheep, cattle and wild animals. Shooting the so-called “wolves problem” should get easier. The fishing community in Styria welcomes progress.

The wolf is back to us protected under the 1992 EU directive. The wolf is back to us protected by the 1992 EU directive. Now there are louder voices across the EU that “formed wolves” should be released more easily to be shot in The future, as came a similar request from the Minister of Agriculture Norbert Töttingen (ÖVP). Austria makes the wolf an issue in ministerial meetings (

Preserving nature and taking care of animals with common sense

Styrian state hunting chief Franz Mayer-Millenhof Surau welcomed the European-wide discussion on introducing new rules for protecting and shooting wolves on Tuesday. We need administrative measures to be able to incorporate these animals here. The dynamic processes in nature are very large, the regulations on which they are based are decades old and nature is still in place. We need nature conservation and animal welfare here with common sense – and we also demand this from the Styrian State Fishermen’s Association. So that we can also help those affected in the regions with this issue.”

chip wolves

Landesjägermeister estimates that wolves kill between 100 and 150 wild animals each year. Official livestock numbers and the number of unreported cases are likely to vary greatly. The Austrian Center “Bear Wolf Luchs” counted ten wolves killed in farm animals in 2021 in Styria and two this year. Evidence is currently provided by DNA evidence. Styria, Representative Thomas Weitz of the Green Party, suggests chopping up the wolves. In this way, alpine farmers can also know where the packs are and protect their grazing animals. Metz also spoke of illegal shooting of wolves.

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Fire warning and display

State fisherman Franz Mayer-Millenhof Surau explicitly dismissed the accusation on Tuesday: “It is important that we make substantive progress here – in a way that we get examples of best practices from other countries that already have the experience. As is the case with the Swiss, who are now liberalizing strict law Because they simply realize that such strict protection does not benefit the wolves nor the population.” There is also a petition against wolves from the Agriculture and Environment Club. The chairman said that 17,000 people have signed it so far. On Friday evening, a bonfire was held in Spielberg with the affected farmers. The club confirms that a calf was killed in Hochalm near Seckau a few days ago.