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Hyte releases Y40 and CNVS in Snow White

Hyte releases Y40 and CNVS in Snow White

from Oliver Jaeger
Hyte manufacturer from Taiwan announces two new product versions. On the one hand, it’s about the Y40 case, which was released just this year, and on the other hand, it’s about the CNVS-XXL mouse pad. Hyte is offering these two products in an all-white (snow) version at Computex and will launch them in July.

For those who like their desks to be light and white, Taiwanese manufacturer Hyte will soon be showing off two of its products that are already available in white. The Y40 Snow White and CNVS Snow White case and XXL mouse pad will be available in July and previewed next week.

Hyte brings winter to summer

So the Y40 will be white inside and out, which will provide additional contrast to the (we mentioned) black and white case version released earlier this year. Accordingly, the fans in the case will also change color, and according to Hyte, the Y40 Snow White will be delivered with two new FE12 fans, which are also completely white. In addition, the side panels will also be replaced: tinted glass will be replaced with toughened transparent glass.

Hyte’s CNVS “intense game mat”, which accompanies PC daily life with light effects via built-in qRGB lighting, is also subject to the same procedure. The qRGB array of 50 lighting zones can be custom controlled via Hyte’s Nexus software. Lighting can be synchronized with screen reflection or simulate rhythmic pulsations. Currently, the CNVS is only available in less bright shades, but it now comes in Snow White, like the Y40.

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Both products will be shown at Computex next week, where they will finally be shown. The Y40 will be available worldwide from July for €179. This also applies to the CNVS-XXL mouse pad, which will be available for 139 euros. In the Hyte online store New color variants are already included.

source: Hetty