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Hyundai wants to revolutionize electric cars with a new engine

Hyundai wants to revolutionize electric cars with a new engine

We want nothing less than to revolutionize the future of electric vehicles Hyundai and Kia. The starting point for this paradigm shift – As Hyundai describes it – Should a New driving system This is what was developed by the Korean car manufacturer.

The new transport component is called Universal all-wheel drive system It aims to significantly reduce the entire powertrain of electric vehicles. This space saving makes it entirely possible New construction method Completely revised design.

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Designing a new car is possible

the Extra space It can benefit passengers, refill batteries, allow for more storage space, or accommodate other components. If the Uni Wheel is actually used, it can be used to build vehicles Change sustainably.

With Uni Wheel, the central parts of the drive train are direct It was moved to the wheel hubThis makes the car’s steering system more compact in the front and rear areas, as Hyundai explains.

There is no specific information

The automaker did not say whether the new drive system would be used in future Hyundai vehicles. Patents Registrations for Uni Wheel have already been made in South Korea, USA and Europe.

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