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“I don’t feel that the team is pursuing the same goal as me,”

“I don’t feel that the team is pursuing the same goal as me,”

Hartberg coach Marcus Schopp picked clear words after 2-2 in Altach. Once again, his team’s exploitation of opportunities was the focus of criticism.

9:34 PM, April 24, 2021

Marcus Schope © GEPA Pictures

Hartburg coach Marcus Schope He was completely furious after his team drew 2–2 against Altach. Once again, Oststeirer gave a better result, again due to a misappropriation of opportunities. The Styrians could take a 3-0 lead – before Altach leveled and then took the lead. “I had a feeling that my team, especially in the first half, was simply not pursuing the goal I was aiming for. That was really seventh, with everything in line with it,” Schöpp criticized in an interview with Sky.

“Committing such mistakes that should never happen is one thing. It is the other thing that we bring to the fore”, he talks about the critical error on the one hand. Manfred Gollner Who started the equation with a cross. But also great missed opportunities: Seifedin Chabbi (8.) And Rajco rep (21.) It failed miserably. “It’s hard for me to go there every week and talk about the same topic every week.” Only after the last game against St. Pölten Schop and his team were severely judged. There will be a lack of determination in the box. “At some point I didn’t write the probabilities either. When Flickr finally got the chance, I finally gave up hope that the team would want to pass that ball over the line,” he says. “Absolute selection is missing.”

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The Hartberger coach gives various reasons – from “poor boxing” to “miracle passes”, which are then played. “We do a lot of things right, but not everything. I think it is time to say that this is not enough. My goal is to win the qualifying round with the team and they have to go to it. ”But it also shows that the days will not be uncomfortable for the players. “If I had the feeling that you were doing everything possible to the three points, then there would be no blame on my part. I did not have that impression today, and therefore I think serious words can be found.”