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I have an Omicron, and what happened next, an experience report

I have an Omicron, and what happened next, an experience report

Day 3: Negative PCR test

Right after waking up and looking at the cell phone. There is an official PCR test result, nasal swab. And the surprise: “The test in NEGATIV.” The negative is actually in capital letters. But in lowercase, the same thing: “This doesn’t change anything about your formal separation.” I can only test myself on the fifth day, then the CT value should be more than 30. Perhaps it is not a problem, I think, if the last PCR test was negative. A free day before Christmas Eve is almost impossible, Christmas seems to be saved.

Day 4: First positive antigen test

Hopes began to fade again the next day. Because all of a sudden the following happened: While all of the antigen tests for the first 3 days (whether pharmacy or home nasal picker) were negative, a second red line suddenly appeared on the test strip. Very thick and dark red. If I had only relied on antigen tests up to this point, I and my fellow human beings would have been left behind. Anyway, they didn’t work as a prime indicator for me. From that day onwards, all antigen tests are positive.

Day 6: My first free test attempt

I’m driving down the test road, and my hope is low. I had a positive antigen test myself that morning. But Christmas Eve is important to me, so I’m sticking to the straw. Until then, I have absolutely no symptoms. If so, there will be a slight blockage in the nose. The sense of smell and taste is there, I’m not particularly tired and I don’t have poor concentration, no coughing, headaches or sneezing. So maybe you will succeed after all.

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Day 7: It’s Omicron

I wake up in the morning and immediately pick up the cell phone. No result yet. Every quarter of an hour I call my letters, I want to contact the authorities, then the message comes: “You have a positive PCR test with a value of less than 30”. So it was like being scared, I have to stay in quarantine right now. But twenty minutes later, the call came. “I have bad news.” Me: “I know I’m under 30.” “Yes, that is too,” he said, “but you have an Omicron.” God forbid.

So it’s there now, and with all the people with me. This means: “In any case, I have to be in quarantine for another four days”, and earlier free testing was no longer possible. Now all family members are K1 and therefore they have been separated. But you can test yourself again the next day. It’s Christmas Eve. I watch gifts from the garden and look through the window.