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"I was born a man": Brigitte Macron takes action against rumours

“I was born a man”: Brigitte Macron takes action against rumours

It was spread on social media that the wife of the French President gave birth to “Jean-Michel Tronio” and is now embarking on legal procedures for spreading false allegations.

Brigitte, the wife of French President Emmanuel Macron, has filed a lawsuit for spreading false allegations that she was a transgender woman who gave birth to a man. Her lawyer, Jean Inouci, said on Wednesday. Conspiracy theorists had repeatedly made this claim on social media after far-right media spread rumors in the fall.

Rumor has it that Brigitte gave birth to a man by the name of Jean-Michel Trognot. Trogneux is Brigitte Macron’s maiden name.

The allegations came when her husband began preparing for next year’s elections. But President Macron has yet to officially announce that he will ever run. The hashtag #JeanMichelTrogneux has been circulating frequently on Twitter in France over the past few weeks.

Legal action against multiple people

Inochi told Reuters that lawsuits had already been filed against several people after the allegations came back after a video was posted on social media in early December. However, Inochi did not name the suspects, nor did he say whether the lawsuit was brought before a civil or criminal court.

Brigitte Macron’s office declined to comment. The French president met his wife at the age of fifteen. Brigitte was a 40-year-old teacher at the time.


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