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Ice Hockey World Cup: Austrian National Team and "Deserved Happiness" - Winter Sports - Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey World Cup: Austrian National Team and “Deserved Happiness” – Winter Sports – Ice Hockey

While the ÖEHV mourned some kicks on the pole and crossbar at the Ice Hockey World Championships in Finland against Sweden and the USA, they had a better finish on their side against the Czech Republic.

“I think we deserve our luck,” coach Roger Bader said after the excitement. 2:1 penalty shootout win over ‘superior’ Czech Republic.

“Of course I’m very proud of the team. On one hand, because of the performance, on the other hand because of the result. We’ve now played three games in four days against the best in the world. It’s amazing what we’ve achieved there.”

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“Desperate play” when a tie

With as much as 37.6 seconds left, it looked like another gritty performance against a big country in ice hockey, but not like winning a point and certainly not like succeeding.

After Roman Cervenica made it 1-0 in the 18th minute, he stayed that way for a long time, blocking Mittal two times bigger lead.

Traveling fans also cheered for the 1:1

Photo: © GEPA

Linz striker Brian Liebler equalized for Austria in the last minute.

“It was a ‘play of desperation’. There was less than 40 seconds to play, Marco Casper was also in front of goal, Peter Schneider was right next to it. Then Dominik Heinrich shot well off the blue line … A bit of luck there too”, recalls the Klagenfurt native.

“You have the impression that the Czechs thought it would be easier against us. And then it wasn’t that easy. We were very well organized defensively, there were only a few moments throughout the match that wasn’t the case. We managed to keep the match tight, At one point you’d just score and come back inside,” Roger Bader commented more sedately on the equaliser.

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Badr did not want an “honorable defeat”.

You already knew on your second visit to the changing room that you could do this.

“We had chances, in the second half, in the third. And in the second half we said ‘Guys, we can do it.’ I think you saw the motivation, the aggressiveness of everyone in the team.” Goalkeeper Bernard Starkbaum, who blocked 24 of 25 shots to the chest.

Badr added: “During the second half, I said: We want to win now, not an honorable defeat today.” “You never stopped believing in yourself,” said newcomer Clemens Untrueger, who recovered in time after being injured.

Simeon Schwinger also played his first match in this World Cup alongside him, replacing him Retired Benjamin Baumgartner. Captain Thomas Raffle was given a break.

Great effort from all players

And although Roger Bader also made some changes to the individual lines, things went well for Austria.

Goalkeeper Starkbaum kept his box clean in the penalty shootout

Photo: © GEPA

“We were able to really take on the Czech Republic with some real NHL players and top players, we even dominated in the final third and had more time in the attacking area. I’m really proud to be part of the team,” Starkbaum confirmed. .

And he complimented his teammates in the loudest tones: “What prevented the guys there, how they beat themselves in every position with the racket, still somehow got a foot or something in between – that helps, of course. I don’t even know if you’re not there. Shots are more intercepted than shots on goal.

Clemens Untrueger agreed that one improved from third to third. “We got better and better at dealing with pressure and in the last third we played very well and were able to handle sudden balls with confidence,” he explained.

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Match winner Peter Schneider agreed, “It was unbelievable! I’m so proud of the boys and the whole team. I think we fought hard and deserved it in the end.”

Two main champions responsible for success

In the end, the 31-year-old was the only player who managed to convert his penalty attempt.

“I didn’t want to think too much. I thought I’d just calm down. The goalkeeper knows me[كاريل فيميلكا]We played together in Brno, so I didn’t want to do something I had done before. I improvised a little and luckily got into the puck,” said the former Czech Legion.

Bernard Starkbaum also played a big role in the win, saving all the shots that went into his penalty shootout. “Penalties are partly a gamble,” said the Vienna Capitals goalkeeper. “I just try to wait as long as possible for the shooter to make the first move and I can respond to it. Fortunately, that worked out relatively well.”

Focused performance

“This success is worth an incredible amount – only for the sake of self-confidence. We must not forget that we still have to beat other countries, we still have an important battle ahead. But it is important for our confidence that we have played this wonderful game,” Schneider taught.

Roger Bader, who was ‘very happy and ‘so proud’, also took a look at the whole picture and was happy with his team’s development. Of course you can emphasize this win as a great achievement, although I don’t just look at this victory like that, but actually the development we’ve made in the five weeks.”

The 57-year-old was unusually available extraordinarily early, so he was able to work intensely with them. The team has self-confidence, believes in the game concept and measures, the team leader stressed. “We have to remain humble, we have to keep our feet on the ground,” he added.

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view of norway

But it was clear to everyone that tomorrow is Wednesday (From 3:20 pm on the live broadcast tape And live on ORF1) a very important game that is in the program. “The players can look forward to dinner, after that the focus will be on Norway,” said Roger Bader.

“We know it’s a tough match. You shouldn’t think Norway is easier because they don’t have the name of the Czech Republic, the USA or Sweden. It wasn’t by chance that Norway were in Group 1 in 15 years. This match today took a lot of strength, we need to recover and prepare. mentally for the next match, which is very important.”

Starkbaum was also aware that the historic victory over the Czech Republic was only a “quick snapshot”: “It was an important and deserved victory above all, but it doesn’t help: tomorrow is the next important game that we have to focus on now.”

The goalkeeper agreed with his coach, “After the match, before the match, and now it’s time to recover mentally and physically.”

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