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Ignoring the CoV Rules: Criticizing King Willem-Alexander

Dutch King Willem-Alexander is under fire for his renewed disregard for coronavirus rules. After shaking hands with the King at a meeting with football fans in The Hague, several ministers today indicated that the rules of distance apply to all citizens. In the past few months, Willem Alexander has repeatedly ignored actions – as a result, his popularity has plummeted.

APA / AFP / ANP / Marco de Swart

Prime Minister Mark Rutte told APS that the king was “deeply sorry” for the error. In August, a photo in the Netherlands of the king and his wife Maxima on the Greek island of Milos caused an uproar. In the photo it turned out that Willem Alexander did not keep a distance from the rain and did not wear a protective mask.

Another Greek holiday by the royal family in October introduced new topics for conversation: At that time, the Netherlands was partially closed. Due to the excitement, the royal couple returned home one day later. Willem Alexander and Maxima apologized in a video message, but confidence in Willem Alexander, which was 76 percent in April 2020, fell to 47 percent in October. It has now jumped again to 57 per cent.

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