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Illustrated book Soft Power in Innsbruck –

Illustrated book Soft Power in Innsbruck –

There are concerts where you know what you're getting and you go to them specifically because of that nice feeling of having a hit song and being sure to sing along. But there are also concerts where you will be surprised.

Written by Susi Ondrushová

In advance – on the flight to Innsbruck – you imagine this surprise in the most colorful way, while – in the queue for Dogana – you continue to spin the idea of ​​an unprecedented party event full of exciting dazzling moments and then it happens now and when the lights go out and you can clap and scream, you stand in this payment hall with 3000 visitors and you are amazed because it is a surprise more than you dreamed.

Pascal Schattenberg

Soft Power Tour 2024 Illustrated Book:
On May 6 and 7, Bilderbuch will play at the Openair Arena Vienna, on July 6 they will be at the Rock im Dorf festival, and on October 16 and 17 they will perform at the Orpheum in Graz.

All dates are here.

I've seen them a few times already, however Bilderbuch have changed again as a (live) band and are now more united, have more power, more instruments, more touring, more Krautrock, more guitar solos, more percussion, More vibes, more skin, more visuals, more jaws, more sticky drinks on the soles of your feet, more merch stand recordings, and more tour dates this year!

Illustrated book in Innsbruck

Pascal Schattenberg

Only the guitarist's hat remains the same size and thin and is a reminder of a perfect concert a few years ago. Otherwise, you can just say: This was my first comic book concert. This evening, you have to tip your imaginative hat to those who have invested their brainpower in the visual images in this round. Every image and video on the screen surrounding the band on stage like a fence is an artistic complement to the songs heard.

Huts, fires, streets, lights, facades, whole rainbows, or the faces of band members. Gorgeous visuals lurk above the band's sweaty silhouette and take the audience – whether front row or back row – on this soft power trip for the picture-perfect 2024 era. Open your eyes or close your eyes, it doesn't matter what order you tune in: the main thing is to be there from the beginning to the last appearance.